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Current Intake Status:

Rescue Right Meow has sadly had to make the decision to temporarily freeze our intake for new surrenders. Due to the high request for surrenders, limited funds to support the well being of cats in our care, having a small volunteer team, and a lack of foster homes, our rescue can only support a specific number of cats. And sadly, we are over capacity.

This is a crisis that is not only affecting our rescue but is unfolding in communities across our state and across the entire country. It is extremely difficult for us as a rescue to turn away cats in need of help. If you are wondering how you may help with this crisis, here are a list of ways you can make a difference today.

- If you have the financial means, please consider making a donation to us or to your local shelter.

- Consider becoming a foster and helping to give cats and kittens a safe place to live while they wait for their furrever home.

- Consider volunteering to help our rescue grow and assist the community.


While we have frozen our intake of new cats, we are still committed to supporting the community with our Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program. If you would like to make a TNVR request, please contact us.

The intake freeze will be monitored daily and adjusted accordingly. We greatly appreciate past and present support and we hope to be back to regular operations soon.

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Rescue Right Meow
P.O. Box 763
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(443) 203-8942


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